Customized End to End Business Solutions

Customized End to End Business Solutions are such personalized applications, developed by Mantissa Infotech, which are used to take over and automate the key functions of any organisation. Colloquially known as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Mantissa Infotech takes the software a step further by including such departments of an organisation as finance, stores and purchases, sales and marketing, human resources, management planning and even production planning and control and bringing about a smooth integration of them all. The software has been proven to be feasible for all sorts of organisations, regardless of whether they are involved in the service industry or the manufacturing of products.

These customized enterprise business solutions have garnered great popularity in the recent past because of their ability to simplify the operations of any organisation without entailing any large cost element. This means that there are fewer complications in the work, inferring that there will be better efficiency prevailing in the organization. Moreover, many of the facilitation employees who are there to just make sure that the system is in place could be replaced by the software in a frictionless manner. Therefore, not only does the organisation get to work more efficiently and faster, it also manages to shed a bit of its expense load on the manpower. In other words, the profitability of the organization is positively affected by the use of the application, which is made available by Mantissa Infotech.


Bussines Function
Sales Module
Purchase Module
Production Module
Finance Module
  • The application helps the manufacturing companies to forecast sales and hence improves the efficiency and productivity of the firms.
  • The process becomes streamlined and the chances of disparity, at any stage, are completely eliminated.
  • Not every individual is able to view everything in the software. Each department and individual sees only what s/he is supposed to. Therefore, the application maintains privacy and retains sensitive information.
  • Mantissa Infotech provides complete customizability of the software. Therefore, the application is designed to suit the need of the client.
  • The software integrates the various departments of the organisation. This leads to a smooth transition of activities and tasks from one department to the other.
  • It reduces the number of entries and hence redundant data is discarded right at the outset.
  • Vendor performance is continuously tracked to make sure that the best performance is being delivered by all of them. Any lag in performance or the goods / service delivered by any vendors is immediately made a note of.
  • It reduces considerably the cost of the organisation by eliminating, from the process, those personnel who are redundant or their work could be automated with ease. Therefore, the bottom line of the organisation is positively impacted through the use of this application.
  • Both desktop as well as web based application is available for the clients to choose from.