About Us

About Mantissa

Mantissa Infotech is a leading software development firm based out of the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Having successfully catered to the varied and diversified requirements of the clients since 1998 and boasting of a satisfied client base consisting of more than 1000 customers, spread across the country of India, speaks volumes about the company's expertise in the field and its dedication towards providing such personalized services to each of its client that could perfectly fit his/her business set up.

Developing both desktop and web based IT applications, the company aims at providing a wholesome bouquet of IT related functions and configuring each of these applications/software as per the requirement of the customer.


Mantissa Infotech provides dedicated services in the development of such Information Technology (IT) based applications which could be used in different segments of the industry. Following are some of the offerings of the organisation:

  • Customized End to End Business Solutions
  • Commodity Exchange Solutions
  • Customized Segment Specific Business Solutions
  • Online Auction Platform
  • Commodity Trading System - Auction & Order Driven
  • Process Control & Plant/Industrial Automation
  • ProfAcc – Accounting System for Professionals

Modus Operandi

The first step, towards the development of such software which could significantly improve the functioning of a client’s organisation, is understanding the current business set up.

Only once the current business set up is assimilated does Mantissa Infotech propose the embedding of its customized application which will fit into the set up and manage to bring about a positive change in the business processes of the client.

Client’s suggestions are accommodated in the proposal and an extensive process of software development, with continuous client feedback, is then initiated. As the last step, the final delivery of the customized software is made which ensures that the client receives maximum returns from his / her investment as also a complete scalability of operations at any given point of time.

Vision & Mission

We believe that access to such IT applications, which simplify the operations of an organisation, is a right of each and every company, whether big or small. Hence, we aim to expand our horizons and venture into such inclusive range of IT software and applications which could be personalized for and be of use to organisations right from the smallest to the largest.

Mission Statement

  • To provide ethical solutions to the most complex business issues being faced by the modern firms in the twenty first century.
  • To help companies accentuate their efforts towards increased profitability by letting all the other routine and / or complex business tasks being handled by our software.
  • To help the vendors as well as buyers come on the same plinth by developing software which lead to high amount of transparency of prices, quality and other distinguishable features of the prospective trades between parties.
  • To let manufacturing firms considerably improve their efficiency by automating most part of their manufacturing process.
  • To partner with companies in their endeavour towards the regime of 100% accuracy in production.